Water Storage Tanks

CROM water storage tanks


Prestressed concrete tanks are the highest quality and most durable solution in potable water containment. CROM PCTs are constructed to AWWA Standard D110, ACI Report 372, ACI Code 350, and  custom designed and built to site specific needs. 

Landmark TANKs

Located 25 feet from the Gulf of Mexico, on a U.S Government port, and neighboring a Grand Casino, the “Lighthouse Tank” is a very stout CROM design. This 250,000-gallon water storage tank was designed and constructed to withstand Category 5 Hurricane winds and wave action of 15 feet. The structural, pile-supported, floor is designed to prevent uplift and/or overturning during major Hurricane events. The LED light atop the tank makes this tank a fully functional lighthouse. The flared base of the tank is constructed of reinforced shotcrete, as is the frame around the painted nautical flags- which spell out GULFPORT.

Blast-proof water supply

Due to the importance of Critical Infrastructure, CROM developed blast-proof designs and construction techniques to keep water storage infrastructure functional during blast, tornado, and seismic activity.


The installation of a natural draft tray aerator will aid in the removal of many unwanted contaminants. CROM fiberglass aerators are attractive, efficient and constructed with NSF approved materials. For additional protection of the tank interior subject to aggressive contaminants, CROM developed self-washing flat concrete covers and embedded HDPE liners in free-span concrete domes. 

Water Storage Tank Project Highlights

Landmark Fire Water Storage Tank- Lighthouse

High Performance Coatings, Baffle Curtain Installation
Potable Water Storage Tank Inspection & Rehabilitation
Water Treatment Plant Flume Repairs