CROM is focused on safely building and restoring essential infrastructure.  CROM’s culture of performance is built on a foundation of Core Values to ensure we make good things happen for our clients.  When feasible and economically viable, our unique design/build team of engineers and project managers allows us to add un-paralleled value by addressing the root of the problem.  We strive to provide a comprehensive and long-lasting solution, for even the most complex structures and systems.  Our teams of certified and skilled technicians can inspect and assess infrastructure and are fully equipped with up to date trainings and cutting edge technology to provide quality restorative solutions.  Our specialties include: design and construction of prestressed concrete tanks, concrete removal and surface preparation, durability inspections and assessments, infrastructure upgrades-safety and structural, high performance coatings, shotcrete and structural restoration solutions while also offering Continuing Service Agreements for 24/7 restorative and emergency needs. 

core values: respect | honestyteam unity | integrity


At CROM, we believe that trust, experience and respect are the keys to making good things happen for you. With over 68 years of experience and impactful relationships worldwide, our focus is always on providing services and solutions that will add value to you. With the ever present need for water quality enhancements, there is no question that building and restoring infrastructure is at the forefront of the critical needs of our Nation. Our design, construction and infrastructure repair teams are equipped and trained to inspect, assess and customize solutions and services for even the most complex structures and systems. We are thankful that you have chosen CROM to be a part of your TEAM and will endeavor to make good things happen for you.

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