Potable Water Storage Tank – High Performance Coatings, Baffle Curtain-KY

Scope of Work

Hydroblasting, High Performance Coatings, Pressure Washing, Infrastructure Upgrades, Structural Solutions

Industry Sector


Project Highlights

Use of CROM modified Robotic Equipment to Increase Safety and Save time, Application of Sikatop Seal 107

CROM- High performance coatings and Baffle curtains installed

CROM removed interior coatings with a robotic surface preparation tool for use with Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting.  This modification allows for increased productivity, enhanced safety, and outstanding production results.  Once surface preparation was complete, patching was completed with Sika VOH. Installation of two interior wall bosses and baffle curtains was performed and a high performance coating system was applied on the interior walls.  

* The Homeland Security Act encompasses the protection of our water sources.  We support the Act by not naming specific clients and locations of plants.