Potable Water Storage Tank Inspection & Rehabilitation-NC

Scope of Work

Shotcrete, Durability Inspections, Pressure Washing, Infrastructure Upgrades, Structural Repair, High Performance Coatings

Industry Sector


Project Highlights

Diaphragm Inspections, New Ladders, Manway and Vent Screens, Exterior Destructive Investigation of Prestressed Exterior Surface Shrinkage Crack Repair, Surface Preparation and Application of Coating System, Interior Rehabilitation


CROM performed an inspection of a 0.5 MG clearwell that resulted in recommended maintenance.  The exterior services included removing existing coatings, resurfacing with cementitious mortar, and applying a two-coat acrylic coating system.  The interior services included removing shotcrete in order to inspect and resurface those areas with NSF polymer modified cementitious mortar.  In addition, a protective coating was applied.

* The Homeland Security Act encompasses the protection of our water sources.  We support the Act by not naming specific clients and locations of plants.