Landmark Fire Water Storage Tank- Lighthouse

Scope of Work

Design and Construction of a Prestressed Concrete Fire Water Storage Tank

Industry Sector


Project Highlights

250,000 – Gallon Fire Water Storage Tank

Designed to Withstand Winds of 150 mph and Seventeen Foot Storm Surge

Landmark Design to Accommodate Client’s Aesthetic Preference

Landmark FIRE water storage tank- Lighthouse

Built twenty-five feet off the ocean, this prestressed concrete fire water storage tank was designed to withstand winds of 150 mph and seventeen foot storm surge, making this one of the stoutest tanks CROM has ever had the opportunity to design and build.  This tank measures sixty feet tall and thirty foot in diameter.  The site was challenging as it was a tight space for such a tall tank and also required tight security with necessary certifications for entry.  

Setting it apart from CROM’s other tanks, this tank has a flat roof and is equipped with a light on top to make this a working lighthouse.  The flared base of the tank is constructed of highly reinforced shotcrete and the painted nautical flags on the north side of the tank spell out the city’s name.  

Landmark lighthouse tank.

* The Homeland Security Act encompasses the protection of our water sources.  We support the Act by not naming specific clients and locations of plants.