Water Tanks

Tanks for Potable Water

Water Reservoirs are usually built with free-span dome roofs of concrete construction. Accessories, including ventilator, hatch cover, liquid level indicator, and interior ladder, are of fiberglass construction. Exterior ladder is fabricated aluminum. These features insure freedom from maintenance problems. All accessories use stainless steel fasteners throughout. These projects pictured exemplify the functional beauty of reservoirs built by the CROM system.

Since 1953, CROM has been designing and building prestressed concrete tanks for water storage and wastewater treatment, all built using a concrete core wall with an embedded steel diaphragm and single wire circumferential prestressing. With this proven design, CROM has constructed over 4,000 tanks that are currently in service.

Each tank is custom-designed in-house and built for the site according to specifications determined by the consulting engineer.

Typical accessories include: fiberglass ventilator, hatch cover, interior fiberglass ladder, exterior aluminum ladder and a stainless steel wall manhole.

Aerator Tanks

CROM fiberglass natural draft aerators are offered to help remove hydrogen sulfide gases from the existing water supply.
Flow capacities offered range from 650 gallons per minute (GPM) – 7,500 GPM.
CROM will install concrete pads on the dome to accommodate force draft aerators (by others).


We offer three types of baffle curtains to increase retention time in our tanks:

  • polypropylene curtain bordered with 2×2 fiberglass angles
  • concrete masonry wall with steel reinforcing
  • shotcrete wall formed in a linear or circular pattern

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