Prestressed Concrete Tanks

Designed & Built Over 4300 Tanks


CROM has designed and built over 4300 prestressed concrete tanks since 1953, with capacities ranging from 50,000 to over 30,000,000 gallons. The success of CROM has been based on our understanding of all phases of design, construction, and management required to produce a tank that is leak-free with life expectancies in excess of 50 years. CROM tanks are designed to AWWA D110 and ACI 372 standards. As a founding member of both design committees, CROM remains a “leader in the industry”.

Strict Specifications

CROM adheres to the highest standards of professional engineering and construction. Tank structures are design and built in compliance with applicable sections of:

  • ACI 372R Guide to Design and Construction of Circular Wire- and Strand-Wrapped Prestressed Concrete Structures, published by American Concrete Institute.
  • ANSI/AWWA D110 Wire- and Strand-Wound, Circular, Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks, published by the American Water Works Association.

All design drawings and calculations prepared by CROM are signed and sealed by of one of the company’s full-time registered professional engineers.

Structural Design

CROM specializes in the design of thin-shell concrete structures, a unique subset of structural engineering design. This expertise allows us to maximize the natural physical properties of concrete and steel to design durable, efficient and low-maintenance prestressed concrete tanks. The design of our tanks considers various load conditions such as backfill and seismic design.

  • Backfill– Often it is necessary to either partially or fully bury a prestressed concrete tank. Under these conditions, the tank wall and roof are designed to withstand the load from the backfilled soils. The soil load can be uniform or differential, meaning that it can vary in elevation around the tank perimeter.
  • Seismic Design – Every prestressed concrete tank is designed to resist seismic-induced forces to ensure a functioning tank under even the most severe conditions.
    The complex structural behavior of prestressed concrete tanks regularly demands the use of finite element analyses. Combined with classical structural design analysis, the Finite Element Method (FEM) provides a secondary confirmation of stresses, strains, and deflections of the tank under various load conditions.

When it is necessary to understand the unique flow or mixing characteristics inside a tank due to piping geometry or baffle configurations, CROM can help clients by performing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses. This analysis simulates the fluid flow, heat transfer, and time-dependent flow of the liquid inside tank to assess water circulation patterns and identify the potential for stagnation in the reservoir.

Complete Tank Construction

CROM provides complete tank construction services to avoid any division of responsibility. Having your tank built by specialized experts provides you the highest quality tank designed and built for long-term performance.

Select the link below to view our tank wall and roof options:

AWWA D-110 Wall Options

  • AWWA D-110 Type II Wall
  • AWWA D-110 Type III Wall
  • Polylined Modified Type III Wall – Tank option for aggressive environmental conditions

Dome and Roof Options

  • Free-Span Concrete Dome
  • Flat Roof
  • Aluminum Dome

All engineering services are performed by Crom, LLC.

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