CROM Intern Spotlight

With school back in session, it’s a great time to make introductions to some of our interns. Not only are they learning how to apply the skills learned in the classroom to the real world, but they have the opportunity to be mentored by some of the most experienced and tenured leaders in their field.

Sydney is a Marketing intern and is a senior advertising major at the University of Florida. Sydney began interning with CROM in March of 2023. She decided to go into marketing and advertising because she appreciates creativity and staying up to date on trends that can be incorporated into her work. Sydney is one of five interns currently working for CROM.

What do you do at CROM? What is your position?

I am a marketing intern at CROM. 

Describe a “typical” day.

A typical day for me tends to vary. I help out the rest of the marketing team as much as I can, so I am doing something new every day. One thing that does remain constant is I manage the incoming photos from jobsites and our company social app and circulate them around the company to share with everyone our teamwork, friendships, successes, and connections.

What do you like about CROM?

I really like the work environment here at CROM. I feel like everyone challenges one other to be their best and grow in so many ways. You can truly see how much people love working here and the knowledge they have about the company, which is why I have already met so many people that have been here for 10 plus years, if not more. It is a company that values Team Unity.  People will drop everything they’re doing just to help you.

What interested you in CROM?

I was interested in working at CROM because of the work [culture]. The employees at CROM care about you and want you to succeed and learn.

How does the work you do at CROM impact people?

I think my work does impact people’s needs at CROM. Being able to connect our team members through the photography channels keeps people informed and up to date with project progress and events around our 10 State territory. 

What are some challenges that come with your position?

A big challenge I dealt with was asking for help when I need it. I found myself wanting to be perfect and wanting to know how to do everything. I took on tasks that I was not 100 percent sure on how to do everything, resulting in my work not being the best it could be. I realized that it is normal to ask for help, and as an intern I am not expected to know everything, I am here to learn and grow.

What are some lessons or tools you will take from this job?

Some lessons I will take from this job is that failure is important in order to grow, and you will never grow and learn unless you push yourself to think outside the box and communicate.

What is your name and position at CROM?

Lillian, Buyer Planner.

How long have you been with CROM?

Just over 4 years.

What department was your internship in?


What was it about CROM that influenced your decision to stay with the company after your internship?

I was given the opportunity to succeed at this company. Engineering didn’t work out for me but my hard work and commitment to whatever my managers assigned me or challenged me with showed that I could succeed as an employee. I had asked my bosses for a full-time position so they pretty much mentored me and found me one. I am still very appreciative of them.

What are some challenges that come with your position?

Vacillating lead times for various products. Issues with third party delivery companies.

Describe what you do. How does your role impact the work that CROM does?

The main role of Buyer Planner is providing the materials necessary for the projects. I handle tank jobs specifically, while the buyer planners at the shop handle the CCR projects. We calculate what’s needed using the drawings and find suppliers or issue work orders to the CROM shop. Some examples of what we buy are concrete, steel, various piping, and rebar supports. This position acts as a liaison between the people in the field, suppliers, and the shop. We also work with engineering, accounting, and drafting. 

What was something you learned during your internship with CROM that has stuck with you since?

Everything prestressed concrete tanks!

What is some advice that you would give current interns at CROM?

Introduce yourself to the other people in the company even when you are just walking down the hall. Shake their hand, ask them about their position, and their name.

Go to work events! You can socialize with established adults and learn from them, also… Free dinner!

Always be honest with your boss, they are there to help you and understand that you are a student with constantly changing life plans. Assume best case scenario for their response, not worst.

Don’t be on your phone when they have given you something to do.

Lars is an Engineering intern and a senior civil engineering major at the University of Florida. Lars began interning with CROM in 2022. He decided to go into engineering because as a child he dreamed of building roller coasters. Lars applied for an internship with CROM after “hearing great things [about CROM] from others”.

What do you like about CROM?

The community of people. I enjoy being a part of the community here because there hasn’t been a time where I felt like I couldn’t talk to someone. Everyone was very welcoming when I first started working here, and when I came back after taking this summer off.

What are some challenges that come with your position?

The biggest challenge was learning how to use and apply building codes and design guides.

Describe what you do. How does your role impact the work that CROM does?

I mostly help with the structural analysis of designs to make sure they do not fail. 

What are some lessons or tools you will take from this job?

I learned the importance of working with others to achieve a goal and how working cohesively with others makes projects much easier to deal with.

What is some advice that you would give other interns at CROM?

Always ask for help if you need it. Everyone is always willing to give you advice or to point you in the right direction.

Amanda is a Drafting intern and a junior Construction Management major at the University of Florida. Amanda has been an intern with CROM for three years and said she’s gained valuable real-world experience during her time with the company. 

What do you like about CROM?

I enjoy CROM’s community-oriented office and the efforts they put forth to ensure everyone feels apart of one big family. 

What influenced your decision to intern with CROM?

I was influenced by the type of work that CROM does as well as their flexibility to work with my class schedule, allowing me to get real-world experience while in school.

What are some challenges that come with your position?

Some challenges as a drafting intern include keeping up with newer programs or technologies as well as learning the different features within each.

Describe what you do. How does your role impact the work that CROM does?

I keep up with a log of drafting productivity for the entire department and assist with creating and editing blocks in AutoCAD so that they are up to date for drawing use.

What are some lessons or tools you will take from this job?

Some lessons I have taken from this job are advancement in my personal AutoCAD skills such as dynamic blocks and learning how to run and read internal drafting programs. Additionally, I have been exposed to parts of code in Visual Studio which definitely come in handy when trying to understand how programs run and the minute details put into them.

What is some advice that you would give other interns at CROM?

Some advice I would give other interns is to ask questions, no matter how small you think they may be because it can only benefit you at the end of the day. Also going out of your way to meet others in different departments is something I wish I had done sooner.

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