Infrastructure Upgrades

Modifying concrete infrastructure to meet the demands of new processes, technology, safety, security and regulation requirements can be challenging. CROM is equipped with unparalleled experience, custom built equipment, in-house engineering, and certified technicians to develop and implement the required changes.  Our design/build approach allows us to offer safe solutions on the most complex structures.  Common retrofit features include through-wall pipes (in un-banded and banded areas), under-slab pipe penetrations, structural modifications, new covers and weirs, handrails, walkways, security gates, and fall protection devices.

Baffles/ curtains

CROM offers three types of baffles often times used to increase retention time including:

Structural upgrades

CROM offers design/build solutions utilizing our in-house structural engineers, custom built equipment, and certified technicians to develop and implement the required changes to your structure.  Our TEAM has decades of experience ensuring that safety and structural integrity are always maintained.  Some of the structural upgrades that CROM can assist you with are:

Safety upgrades

As safety standards change, look to CROM as your trusted resource to ensure that upgrades are completed safely and with strict adherence to applicable standards. CROM is equipped with the custom built equipment, in-house engineering capabilities, and certified technicians to meet your needs including: