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CROM Shotcrete

Shotcrete History and Use

Early Beginnings

In 1942, J.M. Crom Sr. first wrapped high-strength wire in a continuous spiral on the exterior of cylindrical concrete tanks. The “wrapping” method tensioned the prestressing wire before it was placed on the wall,…

wet weather tank frankfort

Wet Weather Storage: City of Frankfort

10.0-MG Wet Weather Storage Tank

The City of Frankfort, Kentucky is a true river city nestled in the heart of bourbon manufacturing and horse country – and is now the owner of a CROM 10.0-MG Wet Weather Storage Tank.…

Town of Robbinsville

Two 800,000-Gallon Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Tanks

The Town of Robbinsville, North Carolina’s old wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was performing under capacity and was suppressing opportunities for growth in their community.…

CROM Featured on World’s Greatest

Did you catch CROM featured on the
World’s Greatest?  We did…




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