Water Reclamation Facility Expansion

Scope of Work

Prestressed Concrete Tank Design & Construction, Interior and Exterior Coatings, Structural Solutions, Infrastructure Upgrades

Industry Sector


Project Highlights

3 Open Top Prestressed Clarifier Tanks

2.5 Million Gallon Prestressed Concrete Reclaimed Water Storage Tank

Full Free-span Dome Addition to Equalization Tank

Interior and Exterior Coatings

Tank Modifications

Water REclamation facility EXPANSION

Rapid customer growth made it critical for current facility to have additional wastewater treatment capacity as soon as possible.  A significant part of the project involved improving overall treatment process at the facility by adding new prestressed concrete tanks and structures, in addition to upgrading existing equipment.  This increased its dependability and reuse water production capacity from 2 million gallons to 6 million gallons a day. 

* The Homeland Security Act encompasses the protection of our water sources.  We support the Act by not naming specific clients and locations of plants.