SBRs: Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion

Scope of Work

Prestressed Concrete Tank Design & Construction

Industry Sector


Project Highlights

Two 1,196,000 – Gallon SBR Tanks

One 613,000 – Gallon Digester

Sequencing Batch Reactors- Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion

Upcoming wastewater demands led to preparations to utilize CROM Prestressed Concrete Tanks as their solution.  The existing plant was designed around the SBR process and requested to maintain familiar operations.  However, the type of tank construction was improved drastically by moving away from existing bolted steel tanks and specifying prestressed concrete as the only acceptable solution.  Two additional SBRs and one more digester more than doubled the plant’s capacity at project completion. 

* The Homeland Security Act encompasses the protection of our water sources.  We support the Act by not naming specific clients and locations of plants.