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CROM has been serving Tennessee since 1953 with the construction of more than 4,400 prestressed concrete storage tanks in capacities ranging from 35,000 to more than 30,000,000 gallons throughout the Southeast United States. Prestressed concrete tanks have an embedded, impermeable liner constructed out of galvanized steel within their walls. Once the impermeable liner is embedded, the walls are prestressed and placed in permanent compression. Through this design, CROM has been able to provide virtually maintenance and watertight tanks for thousands of facilities across Tennessee and around the world.

Why Choose CROM Prestressed Concrete Tanks in Tennessee?

CROM prestressed concrete tanks can last at least 50 years. Some tanks have remained in service since 1955. Choosing CROM prestressed concrete tanks is beneficial because concrete requires little maintenance, and the embedded galvanized steel liners provide the best seal to prevent leaks. CROM’s tank design is highly efficient and competitively priced.
Prestressed concrete water storage tanks represent a long-term investment. They play a critical role in water supply infrastructure and should be expected to last for many generations. Prospective owners should critically evaluate the best options for types of tank structures before making purchasing decisions.
CROM’s prestressed concrete tanks are designed and constructed according to the AWWA D110 Type II standards and recognized as a premium product in the industry. CROM’s Type II tank structures have several features that make them superior to other designs of water storage structures that are described below.
Membrane Floors
The tank floors include a thin, flexible, highly-enforced concrete slab as a membrane. This membrane floor allows for angular rotation during tank loading and causes the underlying soil to consolidate, helping the tank to settle differentially without causing cracks and leaks.
Composite Walls
The composite walls include a galvanized steel shell diaphragm that is fully encapsulated and mechanically embedded in the wall’s concrete core. The galvanized steel diaphragm extends to the tank’s full height to prevent any leaks through the wall. CROM’s Type II prestressed concrete water tanks maintain a watertight seal without requiring interior liners or coatings. The shotcrete/concrete CROM uses in constructing its Type II tanks also has a lower level of permeability because of its low water to cement ratio and high cement content. CROM’s enhanced mix designs used for construction of its Type II prestressed concrete water tanks provide the tanks with extra durability, strength, and longevity.
Prestressing Process
CROM uses single-wire prestressing to prestress its concrete water storage tanks. This process is the most solid method that can be used. The machine-wound high-strength wire is used to tension the steel before the wire touches the wall, ensuring that the prestressed steel is uniformly tensioned to reduce friction buildup and non-uniform tensioning. Once prestressing is complete, each wire is then permanently bonded to the wall of the tank by encapsulating it in shotcrete. This minimizes the potential for corrosion of the prestressing wires.
Prestressed, Free-Span Concrete Dome
CROM’s concrete domes use a free-span, spherical, thin-shell design. Typically, these domes are designed to have a rise one-tenth of their diameters. The ring girder of the dome is prestressed by using enough wires to withstand the dome’s dead load and the design’s live load. Using a free-span dome design provides enhanced strength and durability of the compressed concrete and does not require interior support columns that would need continuous maintenance and inspection. The free-span dome structure also does not place any column point loads on the tank’s foundation that could cause the structure to settle differentially over time.
Lowest Life-Cycle Cost
All prestressed concrete Type II tank components are designed and constructed using the highest-quality materials. This helps to reduce the maintenance needs and ensure the tank’s longevity. Because of this, CROM’s Type II prestressed concrete water tanks are recognized throughout Tennessee and around the world as providing the lowest life-cycle cost in the industry.
CROM strictly adheres to the highest standards of construction and engineering, including AWWA Standards D110, ACI Code 35, and ACI 372. CROM is an active, contributing member to the design committees and is a leader in the water and wastewater industries. Each design drawing and calculation completed by CROM is signed by one of our full-time registered engineers.
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Typical Prestressed Concrete Tank Installations in TN:

The typical prestressed concrete tank installations CROM performs in Tennessee are described below.

Water Storage Tanks in TN

TN Potable Water Storage Tanks
For potable water containment in Tennessee, prestressed concrete storage tanks provide the highest quality and durable solution. Our prestressed concrete storage tanks are built according to AWWA Standard D110, ACI Code 35, ACI Report 372, and are custom-designed to meet your project-specific needs.
TN Landmark Water Storage Tanks
CROM builds landmark tanks to meet our customer’s needs. An example is the Lighthouse Tank, which is a 250,000-gallon tank that was constructed to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds and waves of up to 15 feet. It is located 25 feet from the Gulf of Mexico and includes a pile-supported floor to prevent overturning and uplifting during major hurricanes. The tank has a flared base built of reinforced shotcrete, and the structure has a lighthouse appearance with a reinforced shotcrete frame with painted nautical flags that spell out the ports name. CROM is well equipped and experienced in constructing landmark tanks and would we would be happy to build one in Tennessee.
TN Blast-Proof Water Supply Tanks

CROM uses blast-proof design and construction techniques to keep the water infrastructure functioning during tornadic and seismic activity or blasts. 

TN Water Tanks with Aerators
Installing natural draft tray aerators on your Tennessee water storage tanks helps to remove contaminates. CROM’s fiberglass aerators are efficient and attractive and are built with NSF-approved materials. CROM also developed flat, self-washing concrete covers and embedded HDPE liners in the tanks’ free-span domes to provide additional protection when recommended against interior aggressive contaminants.

Thermal Energy Storage Tanks (TES)

TN Thermal Energy Storage Tanks (TES)
For almost 70 years, many of our industrial and commercial clients in Tennessee have installed CROM’s Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems at their facilities. CROM’s stratified water TES system is among the most efficient and economical forms of energy storage currently available. Our TES tanks store thermal energy in chilled water during off-peak hours when demands are low. During peak demand times, the stored thermal energy is dispatched to reduce overall electrical costs and decrease the demands they place on the electrical grid. Our technology helps to reduce electrical heating or cool loads ranging from 50kW to more than 25 MW. We have been building TES tanks since 1983, including tanks ranging from 500 to over 300,000 ton-hours. Our TES tanks installations offer everything from design to complete construction as a turn-key service to our clients. The virtually maintenance-free tank combined with a corrosion-resistant diffuser system ensures that our TES tanks can be expected to last for decades providing low life-cycle costs. We can customize each insulation system to provide more options for aesthetic exterior preference.
TN Turbine Inlet Air Chilling Tanks
Our TES tanks can include turbine inlet air chilling (TIAC) to cool the inlet air of combustion turbines. Many Tennessee power generation facilities use natural gas-fueled turbines. Our TES TIAC tanks help by increasing the efficiency of this type of power generation during the warmer months when air conditioning systems are at full capacity. By using a TES TIAC tank, you can eliminate the efficiency reduction caused by hot, ambient air while increasing the output of your facility’s generators to help reduce overall energy costs for consumers.

Fire Protection Tanks

TN Fire Protection Tanks
Commercial, urban, and residential communities in Tennessee require dedicated fire-suppression storage in areas where water supply is insufficient for the design requirements. CROM’s prestressed concrete storage tanks for fire protection help to ensure compliance with local, state, federal, international, and NFPA fire codes.

Wastewater Storage Tanks

TN Wastewater Storage Tanks
CROM has nearly seven decades of experience meeting the complex needs of wastewater treatment plants throughout Tennessee and United States. We design and build solutions to meet every wastewater infrastructure need. Prestressed concrete tanks typically installed for wastewater treatment facilities include sludge digesters, equalization tanks, process water tanks, aeration tanks, oxidation tanks, clarifiers, sequencing batch reactors, bilge storage tanks, and more.
TN Flow Equalization Storage Tanks
Storage tanks for liquid containment at Tennessee wastewater facilities must contain huge volumes of wastewater; prestressed concrete flow equalization tanks are a cost-effective solution. Our equalization tanks are designed to provide a steady inflow and accommodate peak conditions to prevent sewer and sanitary sewer overflows.
TN Reclaimed or Reuse Storage
CROM’s prestressed concrete tanks are an effective solution for reclaiming or reusing wastewater. Reuse storage tanks can be placed at wastewater treatment facilities or on agricultural lands to use the reclaimed water for irrigation. Placing reuse storage tanks on-site helps to reduce the energy costs involved with transporting water over long distances.
TN Clarifiers
CROM designs prestressed concrete tanks in Tennessee to work with a variety of different clarifier mechanisms. Clarifiers have been used in wastewater treatment for decades by using gravity and offering an effective way to purify wastewater.
TN Digesters
CROM designs and constructs digesters in many different sizes and configurations. Pressurized anaerobic or open-top aerobic digester designs account for demands of sludge storage and digestion. These prestressed concrete tanks use prestressing wires for multiple penetrating wall pipes. Anaerobic digesters can be designed to accommodate floating or fixed steel covers, free-span concrete domes, membrane covers, or aluminum domes. Insulation to the tanks’ exterior can also be installed in order to handle mesophilic and thermophilic processes.
TN Modified Egg-Shaped Digesters
Modified egg-shaped digesters for wastewater applications in Tennessee minimize dead spaces at the intersections of the floor and wall and also the roof and wall. This helps to reduce the buildup and downtime needed for maintenance and cleaning. The egg-shaped digesters have steeply sloped floors, high sidewalls, small diameters, and cone-shaped domes and are significantly more cost-efficient than other egg-shaped digesters.
TN Oxidation Tanks
CROM’s prestressed concrete oxidation tanks are constructed according to the guidance provided by AWWA Standard D110. The Type II design, having walls with a steel diaphragm embedded in shotcrete, provides these tanks with excellent crack control, longevity, leak protection, and minimizes maintenance requirements.
TN Sequencing Batch Reactors
CROM designs and builds sequencing batch reactor tanks for wastewater treatment facilities in Tennessee according to the guidance of AWWA Standard D110. The walls are reinforced and modified as needed to provide mounting locations for specialized equipment.
TN Secondary Containment Tanks
Under regulations enforced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, wastewater treatment facilities must have secondary containment systems to prevent potential discharges into navigable waters. CROM’s prestressed concrete secondary containment systems provide a critical second line of defense if the primary containment systems fail.
TN Oxidation/Aeration Tanks
Oxidation and aeration tanks in Tennessee typically are constructed in single- or multi-channel configurations with oval, ring, or horseshoe basins. CROM constructs these tanks according to the guidance of AWWA Standard D110 with Type II walls consisting of a steel diaphragm embedded in prestressed shotcrete, providing them with superior crack control, longevity, and leak prevention, reducing the need for continuous maintenance.

Unique Prestressed Concrete Tanks in TN:

CROM designs and builds unique prestressed concrete tanks across Tennessee, including landmark tanks, blast-proof water supply tanks, spend deicing fluid storage tanks, modified egg-shaped digesters, and elevated tanks.
Landmark Tanks in TN
CROM specializes in designing and building landmark tanks that provide superior function while also serving as attractive landmarks. For example, the Lighthouse Tank designed by CROM sits just 25 feet from the Gulf of Mexico and holds 250,000 gallons of water. It was designed and built to withstand hurricane-force winds and waves of up to 15 feet. Its floor is pile-supported to prevent overturning during Category 5 hurricanes and is constructed of reinforced shotcrete. CROM can build landmark tanks to meet your specific needs.
Blast-Proof Water Supply Tanks in TN
CROM’s custom blast-proof designs and construction methods help to keep the water storage infrastructure in Tennessee intact during tornados, earthquakes, and blasts.
Spent Deicing Fluid Storage in TN
Tennessee airports frequently use centralized deicing systems to sustainably process excess glycol. Pretreating spent deicing fluid is critical to prevent disruption to the areas to which the fluid is discharged. Prestressed Concrete tanks are an efficient solution to containing spent deicing fluid.
Modified Egg-Shaped Digesters in TN
CROM’s modified design for its egg-shaped digesters provides greater economy and less maintenance and cleaning by minimizing the dead zones located where the roof and walls, and also the floor and walls intersect. With our efficient designs, sludge buildup is minimized to reduce the need for continuous maintenance and cleaning.
Elevated Tanks in TN
CROM can design and build prestressed concrete elevated tanks for Tennessee. The design of these elevated tanks is shaped much like a martini glass that includes a conical liquid containment structure cast with a custom formwork. This helps to enhance the tank’s durability and provides a more attractive appearance for potable water storage tank systems.

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