Project Development and Consultation

Tank Design

CROM provides preliminary design development services for prestressed concrete tanks to assist you during the project planning phase. Whether you know the tank size you need or require multiple design iterations to find the right one, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with developing drawings and specifications.

Close coordination with you allows us to understand the project and synchronize all the necessary tank features with the overall project scope.  We will provide input and recommendations regarding the tank dimensions, piping locations, appurtenances (e.g., sumps, launders, etc.), and equipment accommodations. Working together from the project start ensures a well-coordinated project from early design to construction end.

Reliable Preliminary Cost Estimates

CROM offers reliable cost estimates at preliminary stages of design to allow you to evaluate the economy of a CROM prestressed concrete tank versus alternate tank options.

Our design and estimating services are provided without cost or obligation to you.


All engineering services are provided by Crom, LLC.

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