Inspections, Rehabilitation, and Modification Services

CROM Engineering and Construction Services (CECS), a division of CROM, specializes in inspection, modification, rehabilitation, and retrofitting of water and wastewater concrete structures. Whether the structure is cast-in-place, post-tensioned, or prestressed concrete, CECS will develop and implement the best solution using our engineering and construction expertise balanced with quality and economy.  Along with developing the right solution, CECS can provide project-specific drawings and specifications.

CECS provides the following construction services:

  • Dry internal inspections – Dry tank inspections follow the guidelines of the EPA Ground Water Rule – Sanitary Survey and State Regulations, which calls for the efficient removal and disposal of sediment while maintaining full compliance to all safety and environmental regulations.
  • Wet inspections – CECS employs licensed commercial divers who are outfitted with real time communication equipment that allows video and audio contact between the diver and the inspector. A video tape of the inspection is provided.
  • Concrete repair – We employ techniques that meet current ICRI Standards using the highest quality repair materials which, combined with our understanding of the design and construction of the structures, produces a long lasting repair.
  • Retrofit work – CECS can retrofit your tank with new pipes, baffle walls, hatches, or liquid level indicator. We also offer a line of security cages and ladder climbing devices for safety and security.


If you have questions or need assistance with your existing tank(s), please contact our experienced professionals or visit the CECS Website.

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