CROM Coatings

CROM COATINGS, a division of CROM, specializes in exterior and interior coatings, sandblasting, and water jetting for water and wastewater facilities. CROM COATINGS is a general licensed contractor and brings CROM expertise and its high quality standards to the coating industry.

Additional services provided by CROM COATINGS are listed below:

  • Industrial Coating Application
  • Above Ground Piping and Galleries
  • Mortar Repairs
  • Coatings Inspection and Repairs
  • Plural Component Coatings

If you have questions or need assistance with your existing coatings, please contact our experienced professionals.

CROM Shotcrete
Shotcrete History and Use: Part One of the Shotcrete Series

Early Beginnings

In 1942, J.M. Crom Sr. first wrapped high-strength wire in a continuous spiral on the exterior of cylindrical concrete tanks. The “wrapping” method tensioned the prestressing wire before it was placed on the wall,…

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