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Tanks for Chilled Water Storage

Thermal energy storage is a process whereby electric power requirements for cooling can be shifted from high demand to low demand periods. This is accomplished by storing ice or chilled water during times of low power demand and using it later at the time of peak demand.

Prestressed COMPOSITE tanks built by The Crom Corporation are particularly well suited for these applications.

  • Prestressed concrete is the ideal material for water/ice storage tank construction.
  • Tanks may be partially or completely buried without concern for maintenance.
  • Aesthetically pleasing insulation systems may be added economically.
  • The free-span concrete dome can be designed to support the loads of internal piping or ice machines.
  • Interior surfaces do not require costly coatings or maintenance.


Founded in 1953, The Crom Corporation has become the nation's largest designer and builder of prestressed concrete water storage tanks. The company is well regarded for its accomplishments in this specialized field of construction.

The success of the company is based on its awareness that the following characteristics are essential in the field of water storage: durability, long-range economy, and pleasing appearance.

    Concrete has long been recognized for its long life and durability. It has become the preferred material for construction of water storage structures throughout the world.
    Exterior painting is not required; neither are interior coatings or linings. Therefore, the cost of maintenance in a prestressed concrete elevated tank is negligible, and the inconvenience of service interruptions is avoided.
    Appearance is especially important when the tank is prominently located. A prestressed concrete elevated water storage tank has great aesthetic appeal due to its attractive texture, smooth lines, and low silhouette dome roof.

Elongated Prestressed Concrete Tanks*

Most prestressed tanks for wastewater treatment are built in a circular configuration. For those aeration or oxidation projects requiring elongated structures, The Crom Corporation has developed unique design and construction methods, featuring steel shell/shotcrete COMPOSITE walls, together with linear and circumferential prestressing. The results have been outstanding in concrete crack control, watertightness, structural integrity, economy, and appearance.

*U. S. Patent No. 5,237,793

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