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Architectural Tanks:

Utility, low maintenance costs, watertightness, and beauty are all attributes of prestressed COMPOSITE tanks built by The Crom Corporation.

Because of their proximity to sensitive residential or downtown neighborhoods, some installations demand superlative appearance. In these situations, prestressed tanks with architectural treatment are ideal.

East Repump Station
Consulting Engineers:
Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.

Central Energy Plant #2
Consulting Engineers:
Army Corps of Engineers

St. Mary's Booster Pump Station
Consulting Engineers:
Reese, Macon & Associates, Inc.

Ibis Golf & Country Club Repump Facilities
Consulting Engineers:
Lindahl, Browning, Ferrari & Hellstrom, Inc.

West WTP
Consulting Engineers:
CH2M Hill

Sky Lake Water Plant
Consulting Engineers:
Black & Veatch, Inc.

5,000,000-Gallon Reservoir
Consulting Engineers:
Gee & Jenson Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.

South Beach Water Booster Pumping Station
Consulting Engineers:
Reynolds, Smith & Hills

37th Street Water Purification Plant
Consulting Engineers:
Whitman, Requardt and Associates, Engineers

400,000-Gallon Reservoir Enclosed in Town's Library
Consulting Engineers:
Osha & Anderson, Inc.

Capri Isle Water Storage Tank & Pump
Consulting Engineers:
Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc.

Ironbound Water Storage And Booster Facility
Consulting Engineers:
AES Consulting Engineers

Mark B. Whitaker WTP
Consulting Engineers:
Burns and McDonnell

Pumping Facility & Recreation Park
Consulting Engineers:
Polyengineering of Florida, Inc.

McKay Creek Reclaimed Water Pump Station
Consulting Engineers:
Parson Engineering Science

Weston Pump Station
Consulting Engineers:
Hartman & Associates, Inc.

Indian Mound Storage Tank & Pump Station
Consulting Engineers:
Hazen & Sawyer

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