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What We Do : Estimates
The Crom Corporation assists the client by submitting, upon request, preliminary designs for tanks to be built by the prestressed COMPOSITE method. Close coordination with the client permits early and accurate engineering decisions regarding tank dimensions, piping, sumps, launders and other appurtenances, including accommodations for equipment.

This service is provided without cost or obligation. It assures a well coordinated project from early design to full construction stage.

As part of its service, The Crom Corporation offers reliable cost estimates at preliminary stages of design. This allows the consulting engineer and the owner to evaluate the economy of the prestressed COMPOSITE design in comparison with competing construction techniques.

Preliminary estimates provided by The Crom Corporation are accurate and reliable. Within the limits of given time, project conditions, general economic conditions and scope of work envisioned, The Crom Corporation will not exceed its early estimate when the project is brought to the point of bidding.

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