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What We Do : Prestressed Concrete Tank Design
The Crom Corporation has developed tank technology with the finest attributes:
  • Guaranteed Watertightness
  • Structural Integrity
  • Greatest Economy
  • Best Appearance
Watertightness of the COMPOSITE wall is made possible by combined performance of a steel shell diaphragm, shotcrete encasement, and wire prestressing. The steel shell extends continuously the full height of the tank wall, thus precluding by positive means any through-wall leakage. The diaphragm has no horizontal joints. The vertical joints which connect the steel shell panels are sealed by epoxy injection after the diaphragm is encased inside and outside with shotcrete. The corrugations in the steel cylinder, running in a vertical direction, provide a mechanical bond between the diaphragm and the shotcrete encasement. Mild steel reinforcement is included to resist bending moments, shrinkage, and temperature stresses. Circumferential prestressing assures permanent ring compression in the tank core wall.

The Crom Corporation designs its structures under the supervision of professional engineers; trains and certifies its key employees; selects and uses the best available construction materials; and adheres rigidly to high standards of quality construction.

Economy is a natural by-product of the prestressed COMPOSITE design - lesser quantities of materials and labor are utilized than is possible under conventional reinforced concrete design. Of greater significance is the quality of permanence inherent in the construction materials used. Shotcrete is a durable, impermeable, high-strength building material whose long life under minimum maintenance procedures is universally recognized. Under most operating conditions, interior surfaces of the tank do not require painting. This is a major cost benefit. Exposed exterior surfaces are usually painted for beautification.

In prestressed COMPOSITE tanks, the soft texture of the shotcrete finish assures lasting beauty with a minimum of care, and the low silhouette dome roof, pleasing in line and shape, completes the structure's architectural appeal.

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