Unique Installations

In response to the demand, CROM has designed and built some outstanding and unique structures. These include:

Elevated Water Storage

We have two types:

  • Straight wall: a typical Type II CROM tank built on grade, then elevated.
  • Cone wall: a unique form wall system with no thru-ties, prestressed free-span concrete dome, and a cast concrete pedestal.

Concrete Egg-Shaped Digester


These two 3 million-gallon concrete egg-shaped digesters were built for the City of Baltimore, Maryland.

Tanks with Architectural Treatment


Because of proximity, some tanks are architecturally embellished to blend or enhance the surrounding neighborhood. Please visit our photo gallery to see more architectural installations.

Buried Water Storageburied_tank

CROM offers a column-supported flat roof, and with this installation, the entire structure can be completely buried.



The same formwork system developed to build the cones of the elevated concrete tanks can be used to build a concrete accelator tank on grade.

Spent De-icing Fluid Storage

atlanta deicingMany airports require de-icing facilities for operation during the colder months. A CROM Prestressed Concrete Tank is an excellent solution to collect the spent de-icing fluid (glycol) from the tarmac.

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