Statement of Purpose and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of CROM is to design and safely construct the highest quality and most cost effective prestressed concrete liquid containment vessels.


CROM adheres to the following values as guiding principles:

  • Safety: We will establish a safe working environment for all employees.
  • High Quality: We will provide our customers with a superior product by continually improving our construction techniques, giving attention to detail, and providing superior service.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Through honest, truthful, and professional dealings, we will strive to be respected by our customers as well as our competitors, our peers, our suppliers, and our fellow citizens.
  • Growth: We will provide our employees with challenging and interesting tasks and opportunities for personal and professional growth. We will bring about the growth of our company by our efforts to saturate our market and by the productive and cooperative activity of all of our employees.


The following are goals that encompass CROM:

  • Through safe working practices, keep our worker’s compensation experience modifier below industry average.
  • Experience zero falls by having no infractions of our 100% tie off policy.
  • Eliminate repetitive accidents as shown on OSHA Form 300.
  • Complete a detailed quality control checklist for every project within one week of demobilization.
  • Eliminate leaks by evaluating reoccurring problems and adjusting details and techniques as necessary.
  • Improve awareness of high quality construction practices by continually updating our construction manual based on best practices.
  • Grade every project and customer interaction by surveying the customers when the project has been completed.
  • Ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with their interactions with our company.
  • Encourage constructive criticism and praise up and down the company organization.
  • Provide employees with opportunities for continuing education and skill enhancements.
  • Generate a satisfactory return on investment for the company so that we are able to meet our financial obligations and perpetuate our business.


CROM Shotcrete
Shotcrete History and Use: Part One of the Shotcrete Series

Early Beginnings

In 1942, J.M. Crom Sr. first wrapped high-strength wire in a continuous spiral on the exterior of cylindrical concrete tanks. The “wrapping” method tensioned the prestressing wire before it was placed on the wall,…

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